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watchesthebeans's Journal

17 May
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Aglet Bottlerack

Aglet is a Borrower - that is, he's from a race of people only a few inches tall, who live hidden under the floorboards and in the walls of the homes and businesses of "human beans," or just "Beans." Aglet grew up in a Bean townhouse, raised by his paternal aunt, Euphony, after his parents' unfortunate death by cat when he was very young. Euphony and Aglet were the only Borrowers living in the house for years, and she and the house were all he knew until he was nearly seventeen years old. At that time, the townhouse became infested with termites. Fearful of being killed along with the bugs by exterminators - and wanting to take Aglet to meet his extended family - Euphony followed the path Aglet's mother took when her family first came to the townhouse, and the pair eventually arrived at the grocery where the Settee family, Aglet's cousins on his mother's side, still resided. Aglet got along well with his cousins and the other family living in the shop, but remained something of a loner and took to spending many of his nights exploring. He grew too daring, and early one morning was caught out on a table and forced to take shelter in a purse, only for it to be picked up and carried away with him still in it.

Aglet is a bright, creative, adventurous young man, but like many young men, he takes more risks than he should. His aunt taught him how to 'borrow' from Beans, as well as how to keep house, cook, and make needful things. Until meeting his cousins, Aglet was largely unaware of the traditional division between men's and women's work, and he still does not understand why anyone should be bothered about whether the person doing the washing up is a man or a woman. For all his skills, though, Aglet lacks patience for those things for which he does not have natural talent. He's not particularly good at making clothing, he can only cook by painstakingly following the recipes of others, and he's hopeless with numbers of all kinds. He forgets names more often than he retains them, and he's shy around new people.

The long version of Aglet's backstory can be found here.

This is a role-playing account for Aglet Bottlerack, an original character based on the Borrowers universe invented by Mary Norton. I claim no ownership of The Borrowers. Logan Lerman owns himself, and despite the icons this account has nothing whatsoever to do with Percy Jackson.

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